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Giving Guidelines

Click here to read the Board’s approved gift policy and giving guidelines. We would be happy to discuss the giving process with you in-person or over the phone.  Please email us at or call us at (254) 583-0009

Conflict of Interest Policies

As stewards of donated funds, the Board of Directors approved an IRS compliant conflict of interest policy that ensures decisions are made in the best interest of the charity. Click Here

Annual Reports

Although TSCF is small, we are working hard to incorporate the best-practice of issuing an Annual Report that includes our basic information and impact into the community. Click below for the following years:

2015 Not available

2016 - Not available






As a public charity and foundation, our board seeks to be transparent in all activities. Click here to see the By-Laws of the organization.

Board of Directors

Elizabeth Nelson – Board Member

Wayne Wilson – Board Member

Matthew Wright – Board Member & Founder

Sharon Diaz – K.I.N.D. Fund Representative

Jamie Moeller – Rosebud THRIVE Fund Representative

Deb Kimble – Blue Santa Fun Representative

Lt. Gen. Donald Jones (USA-R) – Veteran Representative

Jessica Rusek - Board Member

Caroline Akers Wright - Charlie's Fund Representative

Kathy Miller - Board Member

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