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Rosebud THRIVE: Parks Project – Funds are used to support the 2017 Master Parks Plan for each of the five parks located in Rosebud, Texas.


The master plan for Rosebud's four parks is THRIVE | Promoting Parks and Creating Community.

The project consists of revitalizing the four parks in town: American Legion, Freedom, Centennial, and Unity. The estimated cost of the project at this time is $6.2 million. The new additions and renovations will help the City to retain people, attract new residents, and provide quality of life.


The Rosebud Park Board and the Community Foundation are working to see Rosebud THRIVE. We're passionate about building better parks but just as important, we are committed to creating community. While continuing to raise funds for Rosebud's parks, the purpose of our campaign is to revitalize outdoor spaces that are safe for children to play, parents to gather, families to unite and community to thrive.


The Master Plan is broken into four phases. With American Legion Park being the largest park, components of it will be done in each phase. Improvements to Centennial, Unity, and Freedom Parks will begin as funding becomes available.

American Legion Park.png

Phase 1 - American Legion Park

Goal: $300,000 (Current Funds Raised: $190,000)


New walking trail, outdoor fitness area, creative play area, and restoration to the Hope Memorial Bowstring Bridge.  In addition, some groundwork and utility work will be completed to make way for future expansion at the park.

Phase 2 - American Legion Park



New event pavilion, playground for toddlers and school-aged children.

American Legion Park 2.png
American Legion Park 3.png

Unity Park Concept

Unity Park.jpg

Phase 3 - American Legion, Centennial, and Unity Parks



American Legion Park will have new bridges for the walking trail, area for adults with a pavilion, large soccer field, youth soccer field, and nature trail.

Unity Park will be transformed from an old train depot to a vibrant special event field that can be used for farmers' markets, circus performances, sporting events, and concerts.

Centennial Park will be updated with new tables, chairs, fencing, and an improved stage.

Centennial Park Concept

Centennial Park.jpg

Phase 4 - American Legion and Freedom Park



American Legion will complete the renovation with a new basketball court, sand volleyball courts, expansion area, and community special event venue.

Freedom Park will be enhanced to allow community events and Preservation Rosebud events around the Old City Hall.  Existing artwork will be preserved and displayed with greater emphasis.


Project Partners

Without this incredible TEAM, this project would not be possible.

Together Everyone Achieves More

Rosebud THRIVE: Parks Project

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